We offer cabling services, support of both hardware and software of “legacy products”, excess inventory management, tape and reeling services, EPROM programming, supply chain management services and procurement of obsolete components.


Component related services include asset management recovery, tape and reeling service, obsolescence management, testing of counterfeit products, EPROM service and supply chain management.


Legacy products. We have the engineering skills to help you maintain both software and hardware support of your legacy products. If you need help maintaining a product that utilizes older technology, software or components or subassemblies no longer manufactured or supported by the original equipment manufacturer we may have a solution to your dilemma. We specialize in companies that cater to the aerospace and defense establishments.


Cabling Services. We have partnered with TTAF Electronics, Turkey to provide a wide range of products & solutions such as Turn-Key Fiber Optics infrastructural projects, automotive cable assemblies, defense cable assemblies (land, aerospace and marine system cables)and high end audio & video cables. TTAF aims to provide its customers the most flexible solutions and the most technological innovations as a result of a constant improvement in quality, production standards, advanced technology machinery, and a strong engineering and management team. TTAF has various quality certifications that comply with ISO and military standards. If you have a complex harness or are looking for a competitive quote on your standard cable assembly, kindly contact IC-Advantage, Inc.


We work with small engineering firms in identifying suppliers and niche manufacturers for projects that may require products that are unique, require a specialized skill set and are generally small in number. We have recently helped several companies in delivering products in the field of load bearing balls, magnets (rare earth magnets), power management and specialty coated balls (Titanium coated carbide or steel balls). All of these requirements were in the Space and Aerospace market.