IC-Advantage, Inc. is the authorized distributor for these companies for the Southeast Asian market,
kindly contact us for any requirements for these products or services.

Continental Resources Inc.

Conres is based in the USA and is the third largest reseller of Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Agilent Keithley, Fluke and Spirent equipment. IC-Advantage, Inc. has teamed with Conres to offer refurbished test equipment for all of the above manufacturers in the Southeast Asian market. All sales include a comprehensive warranty program serviced by local authorized service personnel.
Customers will be able to get the latest equipment at extremely competitive pricing with excellent warranty support service.Conres calibrates previously owned equipment in their on-site metrology lab, minimizing the time and cost required to get the gear you want, at the price you need, with the quality you expect. The metrology lab is ISO certified, fully calibrated to the manufacturer’s settings. All products are maintained under strict NIST traceable schedules so you can rest assured that your used purchase will work as a brand new unit. If you require new test equipment without the new price tag, consider the wide assortment of refurbished test equipment and accessories, arriving to you fully calibrated to manufacturer specifications.

Digital Systems Engineering Inc.

Digital Systems Engineering, located in the USA, is a manufacturer of leading-edge technology-driven display and computer products made for military and industrial purposes. We offer displays of various sizes with options for High Definition and Digital Video Recording. All of the monitors are industrial or military grade with all of the requisite qualifications to meet US military standards. These products are recommended for land based, avionics, mining and naval applications. DSE offers advanced LCD enhancements for optimal viewing in any ambient light conditions from direct sunlight to NVIS compatibility. Products include rugged touch screens, digital video recording and other input configurations. DSE products are currently utilized by the US armed forces.


Ectron Corporation, located in the USA, is a manufacturer of precision Instrumentation for Data Acquisition and Calibration. Established in 1964, the company developed and produced a line of miniature, rugged conditioner amplifiers that could provide highly accurate data despite harsh environmental conditions. Originally sold to the US government test facilities in New Mexico, these products were used on board rocket test sleds where shock and vibration conditions were severe. These products are used in all areas of vehicle testing from grueling cold to sizzling hot weather, and for endurance and crash testing. If you have an application where accurate data is required under environmentally harsh operating conditions, Ectron has the right product for your application.


MMD now part of ILSI, based in the USA is a certified manufacturer of high end crystals, oscillators, VCXO, TCXO and OCXO products. MMD/ILSI is committed to providing high quality products to all industrial, military and space related customers. If you are looking for a precise, engineered product for your equipment then MMD/ILSI has the products for you.


TTAF is a cable assembly manufacturer and interconnect components and systems provider. TTAF is located in Istanbul, Turkey andprovides cabling services for the major military subcontractors in Turkey, Europe and the USA. They have several certifications and have met all military standards to supply and build complex harnesses for the armed forces.


A specialist in Rare Earth Magnets and Magnet Assemblies that delivers maximum stability, magnetic precision and total reliability. EEC is unique among U.S. based rare earth alloy producers in that it is fully integrated in its manufacturing operations. The company creates the alloys used in its samarium cobalt magnets, which gives it the ability to tailor magnetic properties to specific application and enhance magnet performance and efficiency. EEC SmCo magnets are guaranteed to work for as long as they are intended in their applications. EEC magnets are currently utilized in the TWT amplifiers of the Voyager 1 satellite, Gyroscopes, accelerometers, permanent magnet generators, klystron tube devices and magnetrons.


Cicoil is the leader in flat cable technology. Cicoil invented flat cables in 1956, and we are the world's leading manufacturer of flat cables and flat cable assemblies, complete with virtually any connector. In addition to our full line of standard cables, our Online Flat Cable Configurator lets you design literally millions of variations of flat cables, to exactly fit your needs. Our flat cables can easily combine power, signal, data, video, air, and liquid, all in one compact, sleek flat cable. Cicoil Flat Cables and Cable Assemblies are used in thousands of demanding applications, in a wide variety of industries which includes, Aerospace and Military, Motion Control and Automation, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Medical Diagonistics Instrumentation and Devices..

Semiconductors/Capacitors/Resistors/Connectors/Fastners/Relays all Electronic Components

We are also traders for all brands of active and passive components and all brands of connectors. Please referto the list below for some of the lines that we cater to:

3 Com  Dallas Semiconductor  Mallory  Rockwell
Acer  Delevan  Martox Roderstein
Afreey Diamond  Maxim  Samsung   
Agilent  Diodes, Inc.  Maxtor  Sanyo   
Alcoswitch Elantec Meghertz Saronix
Allegro  Epcos Microchip  Seagate  
Alliance  Epson  Micron  SEEQ Technology   
Altera  Exabyte  Micronics  Semicon
AMD Fairchild  Microsemi Shuttle   
American Power Technology (IDT)  FIC  Mitsubishi  Siemens   
AMP  Fox  Mitsumi  Silisconix
Amphenol  Fujitsu  Molex  Sony   
Analog Devices  General Semiconductor  Mosel Vitelic Sprague 
APD  Global Village  Motorola  ST Microelectronics 
Aromat/NAIS  Grayhill M-Tron STB 
ASUS  Hewlett-Packard (HP)  Murata-Erie  Switchcraft
ATI  Hitachi  National Semiconductor  T&B Ansley 
Atmel  Hyundai  NEC  TDK 
AVX IBM  Nichicon  TEAC 
BC Components  Illinois Capacitor  NPNX  Telcom
BKC  Infineon  NXP  Texas Instruments (TI)
Boca Research  Integrated Device  Nytron Toshiba   
Bourns  Intel  OKI  Tyco   
BTC  International Rectifier  Omron  U.S. Drives   
Burndy Intersil On Semi UMC   
Bussmann Iomega  Optek United Chemi-con
C&K Components  ITT Cannon  Optrex Unitrode
Cardinal  ITT Schadow Panasonic  US Robotics   
Cirrus Logic  J.W. Miller Paradise   Viking   
Cornell-Dubilier Kemet Philips    Vishay   
CP Clare  Kyocera Kingston  Pioneer  Western Digital   
Creative Labs  Lattice  Plessey Winbond
Crystal  LG Semicon Plextor   Winchester   
CTS Corp.  Linear Technology  Potter & Brumfield    Xicor
Cypress Semiconductor  Littelfuse Princeton  Xilinx   
Cyrix  MAG  Quantum   Yageo
Dale  Magnacraft Robinson Nugent    Yamaha